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Things to consider at the interview

This is our chance to get to know more about you, what you know and if the role is the right fit for you. We want to know about your skills and experience – whether they are in social care or a completely different role.

Here’s what we want to know:

  • Why you applied for a role in social care.
  • Why you would be a good fit for the team.
  • We recruit based on our values, so do tell us how you will apply our values.
  • What can you contribute to making a difference to the lives of others?

Also remember to talk about your interests and hobbies, such as:

  • What do you do in your spare time?
  • Do you play sports?
  • Do you have any talents?

This gives us an idea of the type of person you are and what you enjoy – it could help us match you to support someone with similar interests.

First impressions go a long way so remember to show us the very best of you! Relax, smile and be polite, but also remember that it is an interview so remain professional.

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