Why Voyage CareTraining

The people we support have complex needs and sometimes multiple conditions. Your training is tailored to the needs of the specific individual(s) you support. This empowers you to provide the very best quality care and support to help people progress their personal journeys.

We want you to love your job and to have the support and space to grow and thrive in your role. You may join us with a heap of social care experience, or you might be entering the sector for the first time. What’s important is your kind, caring and compassionate attitude – we can teach you the rest.

As a new employee, you’ll first complete your training and paid induction. You’ll start building your own support network from day one – this will include your management team, colleagues and departments at Group Support. Even for support workers out in the community, building relationships with your wider team is important. It helps you stay connected and access resources that you’ll need to help you in your role.

As part of your induction, you will shadow another member of your team. This helps you understand your new role and get to know people in your team. Your colleagues and management team will work with you during your induction to help you put your training into practice and answer any questions you may have. You will be given an induction workbook to refer to and use as a guide throughout your induction.

You will have the opportunity to do more training and add to your skill set. Our appraisal process looks at your performance and gives you the chance to speak your manager and together decide on your personal development journey with us.

From support worker to branch manager

Neil Devine is a Branch Manager at Voyage (DCA) North 3, a community support hub in County Durham that supports people with learning disabilities and complex needs. We spoke to Neil about his job and how training helped him progress his career in care.

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Amanda’s career journey in care

Amanda Griffiths began her career in care as a student nurse at the age of 18. It’s not a career that she had considered at that time. Due to the recession in the 80’s, she was looking for a job and was happy to take on any job. After a conversation with a friend, and a leap of faith, Amanda began her first shift as a young student nurse in December 1982.

Fast forward to today, over 30 years later, Amanda is the Quality Director at Voyage Care. We spoke to Amanda about her career in care.

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Because you care, you can improve Miriam’s wellbeing

Miriam is a person we support at our day opportunities service, Grove Resource Centre in Surrey. She has complex needs and has spent most of her life in a wheelchair. Our Wellbeing Facilitator, helps Miriam and other people we support to feel relaxed and calm. Miriam is confident and vocal about what she enjoys and what she wants to do.

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