Brinston out in the community with his support worker

Investing in you

Your new pay and benefits package

Why Voyage CareInvesting in you

At Voyage Care, we offer a rewarding pay package for full and part-time permanent colleagues*, alongside our fulfilling roles. This includes:

  • £10 per hour minimum base pay nationwide
  • £1 per hour minimum pay difference between support workers and senior support workers – plus pay reviews as you progress
  • 50p per hour premium for all evenings and weekends**
  • £1 per hour overtime premium for all overtime hours**
  • Special Christmas and New Year enhancements

What’s even better is that these enhancements can be added to each other so you can really maximise the benefit to boost your salary!

Our pay package

Read through the cards below to learn more about our rewarding pay package.

Download a summary of our pay and benefits package







* These new pay measures apply to all full and part-time permanent colleagues but do not apply to bank workers, apprentices, those on TUPE terms and conditions or sleep-in shifts. All examples have been based on a 35 hour per week contract.

** Your manager can share the definitions of when each of these rates come into action.