Overtime premium rates

Overtime premium rates

As an added perk for those that choose to work additional care and support shifts, we offer a £1 per hour premium.

This is for our permanent full and part-time colleagues that want to earn some extra income while helping people lead fulfilling lives.

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Frequently asked questions

Does the £1 per hour overtime premium apply to all overtime hours worked?

The premium applies to all care and support hours worked by permanent full and part-time colleagues in excess of an average of 35 weekly hours in any month or your contracted hours – whichever is greater.

If I am contracted to work 40 hours will they still be paid the overtime premium?

They will be paid the £1 overtime premium for any hours worked in a month which are in excess of 40 weekly hours.

If I work overtime on an evening or weekend shift, will I receive both premiums?

Yes, you’ll be paid both the £1 overtime and 50p evening / weekend premiums for these hours.

If I am contracted to 20 hours per week, will I get the £1 premium for any overtime hours I work?

You will become eligible for the overtime premium once you exceed an average of 35 hours worked per week within a month.

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