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Neil found a rewarding career in care!

Neil is a Branch Manager at DCA North 3, one of our community support hubs in Hartlepool. Before joining Voyage Care, Neil was a manager of a shoe shop, where he interacted with different individuals on a day-to-day basis.

But Neil was unfortunately made redundant and was soon seeking a new job. Due to his fantastic people skills, an old colleague of Neil’s suggested he tried working with individuals with learning disabilities.

This wasn’t something Neil had previously considered, but after taking time to reflect, he knew he’d thrive in a care role. Plus, the rewarding nature of the sector would be a welcome change from his previous role.

A leap of faith

When he first applied to Voyage Care, Neil had no experience in the care sector. Not deterred by this, he eagerly sent out his application and waited to hear back. After interviewing at DCA North 3, the Manager at the time saw something special in him and decided to take a chance on Neil, offering him a Support Worker position!

Neil began his new role with a mixture of nerves and excitement. Despite his lack of care experience, the role came naturally to him because of his kind and caring nature.

Providing care and support to individuals gave Neil a sense of pride and fulfilment, and he knew we would never turn back to the retail world again.

Progressing with Voyage Care

To help him in his role, Neil was provided with plenty of training, including autism awareness training, and support to help him thrive in his new journey.

After getting stuck in, Neil soon realised this role wasn’t just a job for him – it was much more special! He decided to put his all into his role to make sure he progressed through the ranks and was somebody who vulnerable individuals could rely on!

To support his career journey in care, Neil completed leadership fundamentals training, before moving on to his NVQ Level 2 and Level 3 in Adult Health and Social Care, plus his Level 5 in Leadership for Health and Social Care, and Children and Young People’s Services too!

Completing this training allowed Neil to progress from Support Worker to Senior Support Worker, to Team Leader, then Field Care Supervisor and finally, to his current role as a Manager!

This was above and beyond Neil’s expectations, and he is extremely happy and grateful with the progression opportunities he has had at Voyage Care.

Feeling fulfilled in his role

Neil knows that he is making a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people. The thoughtfulness, knowledge, and laughter he shares with them plays a huge part in them succeeding! For Neil this is the most rewarding part of his role.

Neil is aware that some days in the social care sector are tougher than others, but comments: “The feeling you get after you’ve supported somebody through the day… it’s something little to us but massive for them and it’s so rewarding!”

Neil’s dedication and passion for his role is what makes him such a valued member of the team.

Working in the social care sector can sometimes be challenging, however with it comes with heaps of laughter and meaningful activities for our colleagues and the people we support alike! From social interaction to personal care and medical support, we are there every day being empowered by each other. We are family!

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