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10 reasons to work for our Children’s Complex Care team!

Joining our Children’s Complex Care team is an incredibly rewarding experience. Our shared goal of providing exceptional care to children, young people and families motivates us every day. While supporting children and young people with complex needs may not always be easy, there are so many reasons to choose us for your career in care!

Check out the top 10 reasons you should join our team based on personal experiences from our Children’s Complex Care team members.

1. Making a difference

One of the best parts of working in our Children’s Complex Care team is the heartwarming moments. Often, something small can make a huge impact on someone who struggles with daily life due to complex needs. Whether you’re supporting with personal care, managing medication, meeting their spiritual and emotional needs, or simply having fun – knowing you’re improving someone’s quality of life makes every day rewarding.

These children and young people have experienced so much and will continue to face significant challenges. Being a source of light during the six or seven hours you spend with them can make a difference. - Sanya Abubaker - Clinical Nurse Manager/Educator

2. Building relationships and trust

Parents often feel worried about receiving care support for their child. Being able to gain their trust, alongside the trust of the child or young person, is hugely rewarding. It can sometimes be a challenge, but when you make them feel safe and comfortable, you know you’ve done a great job! This makes you feel appreciated and helps build a bond when you’re trusted with a parent’s child or young person.

“Providing care for families to enable them to go out and have some enjoyment in their life because of their situation at home… I think that that’s what we’re here for. We help families have a better life.”
Barbara, Bookings Administrator

3. Training and personal development

We encourage our team to gain new skills including empathy, communication skills and teamwork, as well as broadening their knowledge. We provide continual mandatory, clinical and child-specific training, competency assessments and personal development so that you can provide the best possible care and successfully apply your skills and knowledge in everyday situations.

These transferable skills will stay with you throughout your life. If you don’t have these skills when you begin working with us, you’ll quickly gain them!

Seeing someone who is new to care with no prior experience, but has a willingness to learn, gain new skills, build confidence, and expand their knowledge, is very rewarding. - Gemma Morris - Regional Clinical Lead

4. Career progression

Ongoing training can lead to new opportunities to develop your career. By focusing on a specific area and developing your skill set, you can become an expert in your field, increasing your chances of promotion and professional success!

“Everyone is so hardworking. We’ve all got a shared goal, a shared passion. We all bring different things to the table, but we all work together to provide the best care that we can.”
Gemma, Regional Clinical Lead

5. You’ll be valued

Being part of our Children’s Complex Care team means joining another family! You’ll be working with like-minded, devoted individuals who share your values and goals. Our team will offer you support and opportunities to learn from each other’s abilities and experiences. Working together can also lead to friendships!

“Children’s Complex Care is very supportive. Everyone has empathy and shared feelings / experiences. If there is a problem they say, “is there anything we can do?” This is fantastic and shows they really do care!”
Edith, Healthcare Assistant

6. No day is ever the same

Most roles have a set daily routine, which can become mundane! However, that is certainly not the case while working with children and young people with complex needs. You’ll care for a variety of people who have different health conditions and changing requirements. Every person you meet and situation you experience is unique, which is what makes it interesting!

“Every day is different in my role. One day I might be sending uniform, the other I might be completing contracts or helping with interviews with the Recruitment Officers.”
Annie, Bookings Administrator

7. You get to know your community

It’s incredible how caring for someone in your local community helps you feel connected to it. Working in families’ homes allows you to strengthen your own social connections, and if you’re supporting them in accessing community activities, be prepared to find people and places you didn’t know existed!

8. Meet new people everyday

You’ll work closely alongside your colleagues, but also with a larger network of schools, health professionals and social workers, all of whom collaborate with you to ensure the best possible outcome for the person you are caring for. You don’t get that at every job!

9. Watching children grow

One of the most rewarding things about spending time with children and young people is seeing them learn, grow and develop. As part of our team, you’ll be given the opportunity to help them overcome challenges, gain confidence and achieve their goals. You’ll also help develop their unique personalities and interests. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a child or young person’s face light up when they try something new!

My role is more than just a job. Being part of an amazing team and a wider objective to help deliver care for children and young people with complex needs is very motivating and fulfilling. - Dani Dasoveanu - Clinical Team Admin

10. It’s a fun job!

Children and young people fill any setting with happiness and joy. Their excitement and laughter spreads, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. You’ll enjoy working in a Children’s Complex Care role if you love interacting with children and young people!

Learn more about our roles!

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