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How Kayleigh flourished in her career with Voyage Care

Image of service manager celebrating her award at Voyage Care

Kayleigh has worked at Voyage Care since 2017, starting her career journey as a Support Worker at our residential service, Parkbrook Lodge. Five years later, due to her caring nature and sheer dedication, she has worked her way up to Service Manager with the help and support of her colleagues at Voyage Care! Kayleigh is the definition of our company values: empowerment, togetherness, honesty, outstanding service and support. Read more to find out why…


Leading with compassion

The key to Kayleigh’s success has always been her compassion and care for the people she supports. Throughout her role with us, she has consistently demonstrated a dedication to making positive changes for those that need it most. During the pandemic, she went above and beyond for those in her care and moved into Parkbrook Lodge to ensure everyone could continue to receive the highest quality of care and support possible.

It’s this commitment to the role and willingness to get stuck into every aspect of the job that’s made her very popular amongst her colleagues, earning her the title of a true team player. She takes pride in putting people first, including her colleagues, and highly values honesty within her team. She’s known to treat them to coffee and donuts to show her appreciation when times are tough – another example of being a great leader.

It’s these qualities she possesses that have been vital to her successful career in care, and her hard work and determination hasn’t gone unnoticed. Amidst her rapid career development, she won the Voyage Excellence Award for Regional Support Worker in 2020, and this year she also picked up the trophy for Care Home Manager of the Year! This is just one of the ways we recognise and reward incredible colleagues, like Kayleigh, at Voyage Care.

Kayleigh’s manager continues to sing Kayleigh’s praises following her achievement saying,

“You can’t teach what Kayleigh has in her heart – the passion, motivation that comes through. It can’t be bought or taught.”


Supporting Kayleigh’s

Voyage Care gives all employees the opportunity to further progress within their careers. Kayleigh has worked hard with us to achieve formal qualifications such as her Level 3 Diploma in Social Care and is currently studying her Level 5. Being kind and compassionate is a solid starting point to establishing a successful career in care, and Kayleigh is proof that with the right drive, training and support you can continue to learn in your role and shape your career in any direction you choose.

We asked Kayleigh what motivates her most to do a good job, and her answer was very easy,

“Honestly, it’s the people we support. The service doesn’t come without its challenges, but I generally adore the people we support. They make it worthwhile getting up every morning because they’re always happy to see you and are such loving, caring people. Moments like that make it all worthwhile.”


Unrivalled support

Kayleigh praises the team at Parkbrook Lodge and Voyage Care for their support in helping her make impactful changes to the lives of the people she cares for. She isn’t afraid to push boundaries and will always fight for what she believes in.

This bold approach to the role has seen her progress from Support Worker to Service Manager in five years and is a quality we look for in our leaders. When we spot this potential in someone like Kayleigh, we ensure they are given the tools to flourish though dedicated support and advice.

Kayleigh said,

“I can’t fault anyone I’ve been involved with within Voyage Care. When I’ve needed to know something, there’s always been someone at the end of the phone, whether it’s someone to scream and shout at or to simply help with a review or documentation.”


Why Kayleigh works at Voyage Care

Besides the incredible people she has the opportunity to work with and care for every single day, the ongoing support, learning and training have been fundamental in Kayleigh’s loyalty to Parkbrook Lodge and Voyage Care. The service has given Kayleigh the freedom to nurture her good nature and develop skills she has and will continue to use to make a positive impact to the lives of many.


Kayleigh’s advice for those looking to work in social care

If you’re contemplating a career in care, here’s a few nuggets of wisdom from Kayleigh herself to help you work out if it’s the right step for you:

  • If you are purely in it for money, this job isn’t for you. If you care and are compassionate by nature, you will thrive!
  • Every single day is rewarding, but it can be hard, so you must be in it for the right reasons.
  • Caring for the people we support is a big responsibility. It not only plays a vital role in society, but every decision made will have an impact on those you are providing support for.
  • If you are a kind and caring person, you are half-way to achieving greatness in this role!


Love is your greatest skill

Are you on the hunt for a role where you can make a difference every day? Voyage Care is looking for a variety of Support Worker and Service Manager roles across the UK. Check out our current vacancies and apply today!