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An insight into the role of a Clinical Nurse Educator

A polaroid graphic featuring an image of Mark, a Clinical Nurse Educator for Children's Complex Care. A quote next to the polaroid reads 'I see challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow. I encounter "opportunities" every single day and use them to challenge myself to be better!'

Friday 12 May 2023 marks International Nurses Day. To celebrate, we spoke to Mark Lapuz, Clinical Nurse Educator at our specialist children’s branch, Children’s Complex Care. Our team of highly trained professionals are based in Greater London, and they deliver essential clinical care and support for those aged 0-25 with complex care needs.

Discover valuable insights as Mark shares what it’s like to work at Children’s Complex Care, the team’s unique approach to nurse-led home care, and what it takes to become a children’s Nurse in the sector.

Tell us about your role at Children’s Complex Care?

I am a Clinical Nurse Educator for the South West region, and my main role is to implement staff training and development. I do this in both the classroom and home settings providing support to Health Care Assistants and Nurses so they can enhance their skills, performance, and development.

What other nurse-led roles are there within the Children’s Complex Care team?

Aside from Clinical Nurse Educators, we also have Clinical Nurse Managers who oversee care plans and the day-to-day management of the care we provide for children, young people and their families. We are managed by our Director of Clinical Services who is responsible for leading on all clinical services. We also have specialist Children’s Nurses who work with the children every day in their homes to deliver personalised clinical care and support so they can remain at home with their families instead of in hospitals, residential care homes or hospices.

What key qualities make an exceptional nurse at Children’s Complex Care?

I always think of the saying: ‘Great nurses are born, not made’. You may go to medical school and learn all the knowledge and gain the qualifications needed, but I guess a “successful” nurse is someone who has care and compassion at their core – someone who can touch another person’s life.

How do the Children’s Complex Care team approach nurse-led care?

Teamwork is the key – we may come from different areas of expertise, but we all utilise that to achieve a common goal; to prioritise the welfare and safety of our children.

We also use the clinical governance principles to drive our approach and this helps us to ensure we are regularly reviewing care, gaining feedback and striving to be better!


A quote graphic with a blue background and big purple speech marks. The quote reads 'I always think of the saying: 'Great nurses are born, not made' - Mark Lapuz, Clinical Nurse Educator, Children's Complex Care.


What are the main principles and support techniques you teach your team?

I am a big fan of evidence-based practices. It involves gathering the best available evidence and encourages them to think critically to achieve improved delivery of care and practices.

What’s the most important consideration when caring for children with complex needs?

We always consider their best interests first and foremost. We treat all the children we support equally, and within their capabilities, and we always aim to help them achieve a good quality of life – whatever that looks like.

What challenges do you encounter in your role and how do you overcome them?

The main challenge is keeping children safe. The individuals we support have extremely complex needs, and it’s never usually just one. They could have four or five conditions that all interact with each other and it’s about managing risks, ensuring we adhere to best practice and always putting their safety and needs first.

I see challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow. I encounter these opportunities – big and small – on a daily basis, and I use them to challenge myself to be better every day.

What progression pathways are there for Nurses at Children’s Complex Care?

Our community nurses have the opportunity to join the Clinical Team and drive change that makes a real difference. They can then be a Clinical Nurse Manger or Educator like me.

Start changing lives today!

Has Mark inspired you to use your skills and make a difference to the lives of children with complex needs? We’re currently recruiting for Clinical Nurse Educators, like Mark, to join the Children’s Complex Care team and are always looking for Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants.

To apply, please email or call the team on 0207 407 7704.