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Katie’s passion for compassion!

Katie's passion for compassion!

At Voyage Care, we do things differently when it comes to health and social care. We value kindness and compassion and believe that everyone should live a fulfilled life. Our people are key to making this happen, so we invest in them. We’re one big family and we love sharing why Voyage Care is such a fantastic place to work. But don’t just take our word for it…hear from Katie, one of our Regional Recruitment Managers, as she shares her personal experience of life at Voyage Care.

A special place to work

Working at Voyage Care is special. Everything we do is centred around the people we support.  For me, it is seeing, hearing, and feeling that passion every day. From frontline support workers to my colleagues at group support, every person has a genuine desire to deliver the highest quality care and support. It shines through every day. We think of ourselves as one big family and give 100% every day to help change the lives of the people we support.

Which at the minute, is quite a lot! We currently support over 3,500 people with learning disabilities and complex health conditions and have an impressive 92% Good and Outstanding rating by the CQC. Every single department has a part to play in achieving these ratings and we all to deliver high-quality services.

We’ll show you how!

Part of my role is recruiting Support Workers to work in our incredible services. A lot of the time, people shy away from working in this sector because they haven’t got any experience, but many support workers begin their journey this way! We overcome this by offering paid training and induction programmes to teach them the skills they need to work safely while providing essential care to young people and adults.

When you join our team as a Support Worker, learning and training starts from day one. Our e-learning provides excellent theory and knowledge, but for me, the most valuable aspects of our training involve face to face, hands on interactions. Shadowing and mentoring are key parts of the journey for new support workers so they feel comfortable and confident in providing care and support by themselves. This also gives them time to develop meaningful relationships with the people we support from the start. This is the only way to truly understand what they need.

Personally, I have received a lot of positive feedback from new support workers on how our approach helps them feel empowered and confident in their roles and how valuable the training was!

More than just a job

We take time to get to know the people we support. Our person-centred care plans empower people to decide what support they want and encourages them to set goals. Our are essential in helping them to smash those goals and set new ones!

The role is unlike any other because every day is different! Each day has routine tasks like assisting with personal care and general housekeeping. But most people we support like to try different activities, enjoy their hobbies and love getting involved in the local community! Some of the people we support are volunteers, some have jobs, and others are students, but whatever they’re doing, Support Workers are at the heart of helping and encouraging them to achieve it and much more! Your role is about offering choices and promoting decision making.

It’s a varied role that can be both deeply rewarding and pressurised, but our support workers experience so much alongside the people we support. When I recently asked one of my Support Workers what keeps them motivated to do their job every day, they told me:

“As a support worker, it’s physically and emotionally demanding, but I work in this job because I absolutely love what I do and have a genuine desire to help people. I walk away each day knowing I’ve made a real difference – the rewards outweigh the tougher elements of the job!”

Valuing you and what you do

As well as placing great value in the rewarding role we play in people’s lives, we also value the importance of all our employees – from Group Support in Staffordshire, through to our front-line Support Workers, our colleagues keep the Voyage Care heart beating.

Everyone is working towards the same goal. We have a collective desire for change and empowerment and are dedicated to delivering the best care to the people we support.

Join our team

If you want to be part of something amazing, and make a real difference in someone’s life, one of our support worker roles is for you! Search and apply for roles in your area today!