COVID-19 training

Why Voyage CareTrainingCOVID-19 training

COVID-19 has changed the way we train our staff. We usually have a blend of e-learning and face-to-face training at Group Support. Our priority is the safety and protection of our staff and the people we support. So during the pandemic, we’ve been making our training accessible with the use of digital solutions. In addition, we’ve added new courses that specifically cover the changing requirements of managing COVID-19 safely in a social care setting, such as:

  • COVID-19 – What is it and how did it spread.
  • Self-isolation – When and how to self-isolate.
  • Hand washing – How to and how often people should wash their hands.
  • PPE, Personal protective equipment – How to wear it and when to change it.
  • Testing – How to use testing kits and when to test residents.

With the Government changing guidelines, we review our COVID-19 training regularly to ensure we deliver high quality training whilst prioritising safety of vulnerable people and support teams.