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Fall in love with a career in care

The role of a support worker is so important and can change the lives of vulnerable people. Our teams are passionate about making a difference to the lives of the people we support. Supporting people is very different to caring for them. Support empowers people to achieve their passions and goals.

If you’re looking for a job to fall in love with, have you considered a career in care? If you have a heart that truly cares and a real passion to put others before yourself, you could start the next chapter of your very own love story.

Many of our staff come from different walks of life and have ended up working in the care sector for years. Valery Farelley is a service manager at Voyage Care. When she started her career in care, she discovered all you need is love and passion to make a difference.


Here’s Valery’s story…

In 1997, Valery found herself seeking a care home for her mother whose health was deteriorating. After her mother sadly passed away in the care home, Valery had lots of questions. She was driven by a need to know how her mother was cared for.

For Valery to really understand how her mother had been cared for, she decided to become a support worker herself. Valery had never worked in the care sector before her mother’s passing. She found her first ever role working in a care home for the elderly, similar to the one her mother had lived in. When she started her first job in care, she felt happy that she was ensuring that others had a good quality of life.

Valery really enjoyed care work and continued to support the elderly for five years. By this point she had learned a lot about the care sector. She saw people with complex needs and disabilities who needed different kind of support. She wanted to find out more about supporting people with learning disabilities. Valery wondered who spoke up for them and whether you needed any specialist training. This led to Valery applying for a role with Voyage Care in 2011.

After being offered the position of a registered manager based in Essex, it was clear she had found the perfect role and has never looked back.

Valery has a happy and successful career at Voyage Care. She’s in her role developed through training.

When we asked Valery about her career journey with Voyage Care, she commented: ““I love my job and my heart smiles every time I think about how much my mother would love me doing this.

“I feel I have been greatly supported, valued and appreciated to develop as a manager, I am driven by the need to know people are in control of their own lives, that they are listened to, living the way they choose, doing what they want to do with their lives, but most of all that they are happy.”


Could you fall in love with support work?

Working in care has changed Valery’s life and who knows, it could change your life too! Voyage Care is a fantastic place to work. You’ll get all the support and training you need to get you started and grow and develop within the company.

Sometimes, all you need is a little love… and maybe you could find a career to fall in love with.

Valery has found it. Will you?

We’re always looking for kind, caring and passionate people who want a career that changes lives, for the better.

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