Interview Advice

Do your homework

As with any job interview, it is vital you research Voyage and the best platforms are, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You will need to understand the types of care we offer and ensure you are suited to the role.

Update your CV

Any testimonials or case studies you can provide would be very helpful alongside an updated reference list (ideally your past three employers). Make sure your qualifications and certifications are up to date and relevant to the role.

Sell yourself

Be as honest as you can be, dress professionally for interviews and although you may be nervous try to remain focused. Talk about past experience and the impact you have made.

Ask Questions

Find out as much as you can about us – people get hired for their personality as well as experience. We care about our future recruits and would rather you talk through any queries you may have.

Ask to speak to another employee from Voyage

Interviews are likely to be held with the relevant line manager or HR but if you would like to speak openly to support staff already working at the property, just ask - we can arrange.

Interview Advice

Remember to bring your
proof of right to work
and all other relevant documentation required at interview stage so we can progress your
application efficiently